The wild one’s ( the servals and the savannahs) and man’s interference

*his poem I dedicate to my greatest friend Claudia Ferri

she is my inspiration and my mentor in all things wonderful*


Its was never the dream of the

feline brigade to cross over

into the realm

to imagine that domestication

was right

its reality does overwhelm


that wildness

that taciturn freedom

to be on one’s own in the wild

so opportunistic

 a very fast runner

its habits can be reconciled


very long legs

the tallest of cats

and can jump some 12 feet in the air

has a wide ranging  diet

which is very good

its intelligent too

and aware


its chiefly lets say

a night hunter

that eats very quickly

and can

choke on its food

its a bit of dude

which  doesn’t always go to plan


it can get into scrapes

pretty often

though its solitary

it is strong

to have played with their origins

some say was good

but the servals

would say it was wrong



the cat afterall

was a  mish mash of breeds

it had lost much of its wildness

for the serval succeeds

in those close forest spaces and

is needful of  thought

its instinctive behaviour

of course it is sought


qualitities clearly

has leapt into those

who shared  its  genes

and are still in the throes

of developing aspects

and creating strains

its not been that long

and there have been some gains


chiefly for humans

that arrogant streak

that wish to design

to inherit and seek

the honest veracity

is that wildness can be

lost in so many ways

and  tragically


is sad in so many ways

but there are traits

that domestication

kind of creates

they are more like the canines

they follow and can

be tied to a leash

and can leap

and can plan

to jump really high

inquisitive souls

thowbacks from their wildness

when certain controls

must be established

and be true to form

they look after themselves

in the hight of the storm

their iquisitive nature

can get them in scrapes

in indoor situations

all kinds of shapes

exist in the household

and therefore needs must

keep an eye on the hybrid

for they may just

get caught down a well

or wedged in some place

its like out in the wilds

its something one must face

they can open doors

they watch and they learn

this is survival

they must concern

themselves with new pathways

and ways to get free

they were wild afterall

thats how they must be


each wins and loses

but really I’d say

the wild soul has lost out

his gains one can say

have benn quite negligible

so they have had to pay


it hasn’t diluted

their abundant belief

but really in essence

they have come to grief

man kind didnt really appreciate they

were perfect already

from the first day


the greatest designer

and mother was there

she fashioned the cats

and was more than aware

of their needs and the needs

of the whole biosphere

and tinkering humans

were not very clear


they are  never conversant

with the great scheme of things

the connectiveneszs

and all that it brings

they miss imperfections

they generally do

and  harp on the bigger points

leaving a few


minor points often

very much in the air

they are only small bits and pieces

the care

is not that important

but essentially they

have a greater bearing

than man thinks okay


which is essentially arrogance


lack of that instictive knowledge

the land

the aeons of  lets say experience


thats the great mother has

and a reason to see


the serval is wild

the savannah  is  not

one lives in the house

tied to a spot

one lives in the wild

where the wildness is seen

where  the need to succeed

is because you have been

au fait with it all and can

run with the storm

one can sleep in the open

and take any form

its was not the dream of the

feline brigade

to cross over the realms

but it could have put paid

to some of the traits

in both camps I ‘d say

and its  our interference

thats changing the way

each goes about the onedaily grind

and this is because of the

lesser human mind




an mind






















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I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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