The slaughterhouse blues

Yes I stand here

watching as one of my kind

hangs, she

was a friend of mine

in the CAFO shed

where we both

did see


untold torture happening

where both of us took heed

we knew  we’d reached the absolute pits

and where it all did lead



the weak are always beaten

the weak are always killed

the strong get beaten obviously

a lot of blood gets spilled


now I watch her bleeding

her lifeless body hangs

there its just infront of me

inside of me it bangs


my heart I feel it banging

what is to become of me

soon I will be hanging there

beside her helplessly



they do this to put fear in us

and it works every time

watching friends get murdered

and then having to climb


into the same position

expecting the knives

the point

that I am trying to make here

is  I may be that joint


you are cooking for your family

and I have gone though Hell

everyday was torture

and didn’t they do it well



and when I came to be murdered

they tortured me and left

me watching its was terrible

to just be so bereft


of any kind of emotion to

force sentiente like this

to watch their friends

get hacked to pieces

yes they took the piss


every sick emotion flooding through us


are drunk on all that evil

its soaked inside of me


and you lot you will then consume

the adversity that I

experienced and died with

I tell you its no lie


I tell you its no laughing matter

I tell you what you eat

is the purest nastiest flesh on earth

its riddled with anguish meat



and what that does to consumers

only time can tell

we were raised in purgatory

and died to escape your hell





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