The Bison and his in built fear of man who has never really been kind to him

How sad this is

it shows us the great Bison

who runs along our roads

he dare not wait

for man has guns

and weaponry

and a spitefulness abroad

and the Bison do pick up on this

with all its base accord


The hunters know no feeling

they have nothing in their hearts

life to them is down to age

they really are upstarts

freedom doesn’t enter their emotion


the Bison on the other hand they understand the score

they have their degreee of freedom

that they know man wants to take

and habitat loss is the key

for man is good at eating cake

his cake and somebody’s elses

anyone’s, in fact

to have his cake and eat it

shows how he does react

he has his home, his garden

his friends his town his school

but wants the earthlings paradise

and their lives too as rule


The hunter and the Bison

will never see eye to eye

whilst the poet and the dancer

can only watch and cry


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