Taiji and our protests

Peter’s film exposes

the truth about Taiji

the voices of protestors

ring out incessantly


all that heart and breath

the echoes of the soul

watching the Taiji fisherman

exerting their control


pushing those vile rods

into the dolphins

watching them shudder

in their abject pain

hear the voices of Rob and Rex

again and again and again


repeating and repeating

and repeating shame on Japan

and the slaughter in Taiji

everyone of the protestors there

are angels

everyone of them

do now agree


stop the slaughter in the water

shame shame on Japan

for what goes on

there is so cruel

and all part of a plan


Taiji is a place

of the utmost evil

and until the killings end

we shall not go

until the killing ends

we will be coming

until the killing ends

Japan must know


outside in Piccadilly with our voices

telling the whole world

of the despair

shame shame shame on japan

shame shame shame on japan

and Just remember we are  all out there



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