Lets do a spot of peering

Where to start

I suppose, the heart

a muscle that’s so strong

it never stops throughout

our life

it represent our song

what of  the crazy scientist

how does he get embroiled

in what is anti nature

in what becomes so spoiled


by corporate intervention

by margins that explode

that rip into the heart

and violate our code


what is it that makes people

go off course

till they

to leave  their hearts

in some black box

to well just rot away



I imagine those

who manufacture pesticides

who must

realize the dangers

but caught up in the thrust


of balance sheets and progress

and potential threats as well

they go along with all of it

and march down into Hell


the parasitic envoys

who clamber up their wall

may turn the heads of many

and possibly enthrall


some to join the elite group

whilst promulgating that

sending clouds of poison

designed to kill the rat


and every other innocent

including someone’s child

what make those simply turn away

apparently reconciled



to doing what they are doing

being what they must be

wondering not how the people feel

just abusing them basically


everywhere we see it happen

atrazine and DDT

masses of evil aimed at some weevil

but tragically  killing you and me


they know this

immersed in the mayhem

their hearts clearly still beating too

the same tune but somehow

i over ridden

like machines in a way

they ring true


and what of their families

out in the country

what of their children

how will they fare

subjected to vast sprays

subjected to Round up

subjected to all of this

but unaware


with the echelon’s growing

and all of the sowing

of those GMO’s

in the great field

its blowing

the wind

sends it every way

over the mountains

into the valleys

into the streams

where are those hearts

are they still beating

or are they encroaching on

those children’s dreams


“Tommy” has cancer

Mary’s  on Chemo

her brother died recently

and Mothers ill

just a small snap shot

someone has heard it

someone must feel it

its like a chill


that blows through the city

and cuts through the people

heartfelt they wonder

how things seemingly

have gone wrong


that the crazy scientist

knows why its happening

he knew all along


but he went along with it

somehow the graves

in the church yard

he dismissed

for profits were high

a lack of true prophets

but plenty of banksters

around to pat backs

and  so people die


so no matter, the judgement

is do what we’re doing

we’re getting stronger

you are in it now

up to your eyeballs

we don’t hear the cat calls

forget all about them

its us with the power


But really the genie

is out of the bottle

corrupt irresponsible

off it has flown

polluting the world

an no going back from it

even the staff here

on them now its blown


they are getting cancer

its bloody everywhere

no ones exempt

just let us spray

its become a psychosis

nothing can stop it

lets just enjoy life

and let others pay




















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