Japan leave the sea lions alone

They live pack fish out in the pacific

Alaska sometimes is a feeding ground

off the islands in Japan

often its the plan

to kill these endangered animals

and put their meat around

Hokkaido is the place

that they do frequent

and the Japanese

as we all know devour

anything that comes out of the ocean

even sea lions

very intelligent beings

sos thats how


the japanese kill them

in good numbers

they care for the endangered

bit, and they

go after whales and dolphins

past masters at the sinister

any where they can they find a way


The Stella Sea Lion

it would be illegal to

kill one in Canada pr America

but in Japan

they quietly do away

with many of them

selling them in shops

as sealion curry

killing these fine souls

just any day


these sea lions are known as

the gangsters of the ocean

they swim through nets

they toss them all aside

thats why the japanese are really after them

thats why so many of them now have died








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