I bore witness

I had one friend

and there she is

one dear friend was she

she was manhandled by some goons

and she looked up at me


I was standing over her

slightly to the left

when they took a rather rusty knife

and my friend was then bereft


of her pretty head

I couldn’t believe what just had

happened, there

her body less her  pretty head

was upside down

to share


this grotesque  awful murder

took me by surprise

shocked me, tore my heart out of me

I couldn’t realize


the horror now before me

I dare.not look again

she didn’t even whimper

those people were insane


no empathy whatsoever

just so, matter of fact

hack  my  pretty friends

head off

and not even react


I am sick down to my stomach

I now feel the greatest woe

I loved her like no other friend

why did, she, have to go


why, were they so brutal

and why, am I still here

I should be running like the clappers

but I need ,to be near



if they make a play for me

I will fucking bite their balls

I will run my arse away from here

for somebody else calls


me to a higher place than this

somewhere far away

with thoughts of her

my darling friend

who tragically had to pay



one of the men then

disembowel her with that then  he said

not much meat on this one

ssuch a watershed

what now could I do

was I to be the next victim

I just wanted to be

aat that moment wanted

wanted to be free



out of there and running

but there was no where I could go

my only friend, my dearest friend

had ben slaughtereed as you know

exposed to all this venom

this agony this pain

this awfulness this evil

and her blood just seemed to drain

and with it all my thoughtfulness

with it  all my love

with it  the emotion

as she floated up above

above me

looking down on me

all I could do was cry

cry inside my heart today

and just wait here to die




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