Celestial bells

hold magical spells

positive perfumed

appealing cells

delicate forms

as the spring warms

each curl each whirl

we see

with its fragrance

its lure’s every nose in the land

and very few know

even less understand

there have been


who have worked on the top notes

worked on the top notes and they

worked with  some wonderful witches

who worked on the mid notes

they say

and moonbeams and lace wings and

dragon fly queens

curled up in their cocoons

came by

the great Hyacinth  opened her heart

for a moment

a sweet moment

as lovers sigh

the folds of her soul she exposed


as ostara danced in the sunlight

she came and presented

Aradia’s perfume Aradia’s eyes

burning bright

lilac and purple a great hologram

all of creation was there

where the hyacinth, rose

yes where ever it chose

it was so that its angels could share





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