Fur and those who wear it

Standing on the pavement

in front of  Harvey Nicholls

I had the chance to scrutinize

those ladies wearing fur

many slim and pretty

but terribly ugly

trying to look animated

who of you concur?



they will not take a leaflet

they turn their heads away

are they thinking suddenly they are wrong

is it dismay


or are they really heartless

they have no care at all

or dont they even think about it

wont they heed the call



so many wearing anoraks

with collars cuffs of fur

this is raccoon dog from China

if they only they were

to do a spot of study

they would hear those babies scream

hooked up on a rusty nail

and stripped of skin

a team



of hoodlums ignorant skinners

and trappers do this work

its evil its outrageous

you would have to be a berk

a fool a creep to imagine

that they dont  experience pain

they are zombies working all hours

for the corporates  insane


washed in their blood money

their bloody hands are red

red with blood and snot and gore

yes they are being led


into the dark satanic mills

of old the gutter trade

stealing the skin of the innocent

who rapidly then fade


I watch them shake and shudder

I see their eyes so blue

I hear their terrible agony

and there’s nothing I can do



except go up to London

and protest out side the store

that has the nerve to sell this shit

this blood and snot and gore


and think they are respectable

and imagine they have heart

they have nothing to write home about

to sell fur  by the cart


load is showing clearly

they are heartless and should be

closed down

really boycotted

for they are obviously


more involved with profits

they haven’t got a care

they watch and hear these creatures cry

and will not even share


a leaflet

not one leaflet

will they cast an eye

how very sad how shameful

how evil and how high


and mighty you imagine your stores to really be

appealing to the people who lack all empathy

appealing to the morons

who wear this fur and they

forget it is the the skins of sweet dead souls

who passed away


that sort of sounds angelic

but let me tell you they

go through hell and high water

with their sad hearts they pay

all of them experience

the agony of now

all I ask of all of you

is truthfully now how







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