Fracking gets to us all

Fracking is the pebble

in the pond

whose consequences do

spread out into everybody’s


and into

their very soul

the suffering is on the

grandest scale

the prophets of a bygone age

they seriously derail

cut into our very quick

and tear just everything we love

our water, air and how we care

and share

stuff from above

fracking into deep down shale

creates miasma that

lurks in each of everyone of us

for where we are at

is feeling all the treasure

of the water that we drink

the air we breathe

the world about us

that we all see, and think

can all be torn around us

by the monsters who now come

with their confounded machinery

they beat upon a drum

that sets our hearts a racing

our  lungs are choked with dust

methane haunts our inner self

with all its cut and thrust

vile chemicals draw from our soul

the water of life becomes

the water of death

the melancholy

in us all it numbs

locked inside each breath

the environment

the grass

the trees

the fields we’ve come to know

the flowers the hours

the gentle breeze

we as children spent

in their healthy glow

are torn a’sunder

ripped apart

and of course we know

everything we share

is coming down

about our heels

and they are not aware of it

they know not how it feels

their quest for gas and profit

blinds them they cant see

chokes them

they can’t breathe

fresh air like you and me

the blood thats in their body

is the money and the stress

the evil that abounds in them

they do not care a less

the environment

the animals

the pasture land beyond

its all a fucking fracking pad

to them

it is a bond

they have with nothing natural

they are monsters in a world

of gas and oil and chemicals

in that they have been hurled

immersed in all that evil

the grabbing signs are there

destruction of the finer things in life

and why we care

of simplicity and freedom

just to walk hold hands and cry

to drink the cold clear water and breathe

and smile and sigh

to be in love with living

to be giving and to know

that what we have is sacrosanct

and it must never go

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