Father and son

it is hard to get one’s head around

it all

a father and son

kind of did over rule

decency truthfully

committing their sin

of torturing animals

out of their skin


having the thought just to do this

to me

smacks  of kind of evil

a madness, to be

so vile , so uncaring

so indifferent, to cause

animals agony

and to not pause


to carriy the sentence


supposedly for

some kind of fun


outside the law

to have that desire

to kill or to maim

and just go and do it

as some sort of a game


has to be, ill considered

irrsponsible too

thats a, basic precept

the darkest of view


to set out to torture

and not give a thought

to the pain and the suffering

and to why it is sought


shows a desperate consequence

happening and

soething in essence

most can’t understand


they killed many animals

tortured some more

they were happy to do it

and very sure


their friends would enjoy it

the blood lust was there

complete disregard

for the lives and despair


that they both created

the suffering too

it was gravely disturbing

so fpr me it is true


12 weeks and 22 weeks

sent away

is hardly the sentence

its no way to pay


for the ugly and morbid

direction they took

in essence the judge

should have just thrown the book


at them  5 years

at least might have  best been

a lesson of learning

for what was obscene


What it shows is I think

still the law is an ass

it somehow rejects

that the animals pass


the tests of humanity

and they slip through

the net as it were

for still very few


get time to think over

what they did that was wrong

and this measly sentence

it just s too short

they will be out

in what were they caught


to me all that investigation

took time

it cost money

and now its commited to rhyme

they will be back

the community will

suffer I think

for the blood they did spill






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