Direct message to Mr Wan CEO E mailed to Harvey Nicholls knightsbridge

So Mr Wan

I speak Chinese too

I stand outside, your store

and what I do

is join with the activists

hoping all through

you realize that fur garments

do not help you



of course its the skin

of dead animals

trapped painfully

caged up and  lost to the world

killed violently

its so  so unfortunate

into our hell

they’ve been hurled




or some come from China

they are killed in such pain

hung up on hooks

their skin pulled off

the strain

of watching let alone imagining

how this must be

for the  innocent animals

that we all see


kicking and crying

and feeling the pain

and you sell these garments

for financial gain


its evil


and let me say

shocking to think

that they join your display

hang on your shelves

inside your doors

stocking  your racks

now let me pause



all that serious stuff

again and again

you are the CEO

you alone can

prove you are

truly a compassionate man


meet us outside

as we  honour those dead

those dying those tortured

those who have bled

those who  were trapped

those  who were skinned

those who perhaps

wont get their second wind


you can make a difference

you can do it so

Stop selling real fur

now that you know



others have done it

others have cared

all that you have to do now

dont be scared

people will flock to you

they will understand

all they will want to do

is shake your hand



so I leave it to you

just say no to real fur

show compassion Mr Wan

as once you were














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