Copenhagen zoo is at it again

4 more victims

hit the dust

the Danes have clearly

felt the thrust


Marius killed

and now these 4

what was creation

ever for


its arrogance on a massive scale

really decisions off the rail

they have power

and that leaves me pale

they will go down

in storm of hail


at Longleat too

in the UK

more lions were killed

what does it say


arrogance is rife

and we

know exactly where

these zoo’s now be


the regard they speak of

to me wont do

the wild ones know a thing or two


decisions made

show little thought

its a corporation

having to sport


its options really

not based on life

but other factors

that cause us strife


to activists and to us all

ill informed

eyes off the ball


creation has an aspect here

playing god

creates a fear


beyond the great extant of man

who  proves he can never

be my fan



of ours and the animals



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