Barton moss a fracking game

We can see you

they can see you

everyone can see you

paid zombies for the fracking mob

the energy wasters

that will lob


methane and  chemicals every where

over your families too so beware

just because its a  bright yellow jacket

and your sporting your tetra packet


notice where

upon your heart

its sending its waves

and you will start


to become their henchmen

as you are

they are conytrolling you

robo star


think for a moment what you do

your stopping the free man

in you, through

the free man maze that is life today

where the fracking liars get their way


If you are living around these parts

with the tetra stuff going through your hearts

the methane soon will fill the air

the fracking liquids cause despair

your water will be not fit for man

the environment will go down the pan

and for this you preve to your fellow man

your neighbour really you follow their plan

thie bloody agenda you spite your own face

your family will suffer the same dark disgrace

and what do you do you all make it worse

for yourselves well to me

you lot are curse


mercenaries really against  your own

our personal freedom you disown

fracking is dark is dirty its shit

and you lot are helpiing them

quite a bit


locking us up

being unfair

corporate courts

and more dispair

thats what you are doing

do you think its right

fluorescent jackets

and corporate might







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