ALF the front line


Ontario the northern climes

with  its great expanse on show

tis there the hunters ply their


as so many know


and there too

where the soldiers the front line


get out in the wilderness

with action and their fists


trap destruction

safeguarding the wild souls

every day

its pretty dangerous doing it

but of  course it is a way


of safe guarding wild animals

from a torture and a death

that comes in with the territory

and most will feel their breath


emcompassing the early morning

vast arrays of cloud

they wander through the  forests

if you see them say your proud


of everything they are doing

of their resolve in how they pay

the balaclavered ninja’s

who don’t have much to say


beavers get short shrift from hunters

rabbits they do too

caught up in contraptions

that crush  and bloody screw


down on tiny wild legs

brutal as can be

and front line soldiers

do their stuff

and do it so bravely


the furriers and store keepers

that continue selling fur

they cannot see the agony

but my god if they were


out here in the icy waste

and saw whats going on

they might just fucking change their tune

and be sure to see it gone


off their shelves completely

for  its frightening to feel

that profit is the motive

and torment does appeal


these great big stores in London

who think they have the edge

who divest all their ethic

and try to drive a wedge


into what is decent

let me tell them they

havent got a bloody clue

whats happening today


the blood the guts the fury

the evil its all there

and A:LF are set to crack them

and put an end to the despair


and activists who stand outside

these shops and give them hell

have to be regarded as

messengers who tell


those wearers of this evil

that what they do is wrong

and should be in Ontario too

singing the same song









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