A bloody tail and the Science of Japan

Photo: On March 31, the International Court of Justice is due to make a landmark ruling that could finally put an end to the slaughter of thousands of whales a year in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary by Japan's whaling fleet under the guise of 'scientific whaling'.</p>
<p>The Zero Whaling Campaign - an initiative led by Centro de Conservación Cetacea, ECOCEANOS, Instituto de Conservacion de Ballenas and OceanCare - is seeking to gather '100,000 Voices for Whales' to underline the international concern about the issue.</p>
<p>You can support and sign its 'Public Statement in Defense of Whales, the Principles of Scientific Research and Peace in Antarctic' at http://www.cerocazadeballenas.cl/index.php?idioma=eng</p>
<p>Image: Japanese whaling (c) Greenpeace




A bloody tail

of cruelty

of lies, of science they

the Japanese lie through their teeth

and our whale friends always pay

Sea Shepherd has great courage

and its tested every year

its sails

into the Southern Ocean

helping to save whales

Australia had promised

a ship but it never came

But Sea Shepherd they were out there

their bravery  the same

a bloody tail

a harpoon

fired into, a sweet soul

who coughed who bled

who screamed aloud

who was, still in control

The Japanese they sicken me

hard hearted all the way

destruction is their wish in life

and the innocent always pay


if we could only swim alongside them

and tell them, we

love them

and we care for them

and it should never be

to think they want to eat them

they are, blood thirsty and

Japan its really shame on you

and, I dont understand

your rotten base mentality

they are unique sweet whales

the ocean is their paradise

and through it  with their sails

extended they move forwards

sublimely they do sing

such wondrous notes such vision

to all our hearts they bring 




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