Why does it have to be lets study them for a while The Faroe’s and their hunting of Pilot Whales

Half way between Norway

and Iceland

from Scotland some 200 miles

around 50000 souls live

on the islands

their Pilot Whale


yes it riles


many of us on the mainland

because we don’t know

why it should

be something that you want

to do in your lives

for us

we are misunderstood



we live  far away

and thus we can’t see

how you live your lives

we don’t know

we imagine those whales

swimming through

all those gales

and then meeting up

sadly with you


being drawn as a pod

into your place

like many pods have been before

and feeling the wrath

of the hungry

and seeing the blood

and the gore


they live in a desolate island

with few sunny days

and much rain

its dark and its cloudy

there’s little to do

and I’m sure many do feel

some pain


seabirds like Puffins

are eaten

their eggs too are eaten

for sure

meat and potatoes

mutton ,matured fish

and dried pilot whale

from the store


2 breweries

making ale which some drink

and fish and chips

has proved a hit

lace and wool seemingly

keep people warm

an inkling of how

people sit



Pilot whales clearly

form part of the diet

a factor that we far away

may not imagine

may not realise

why these poor beasts

have to pay



man really is his worse enemy

for clearly these people do gain

a lot of nutrition from

these Pilot Whales

its just that it comes

with great pain


not for the islanders clearly

they all get to grips with the kill

they swim in the blood of the vanquished

they cut up the poor souls at will

each takes his role in each murder

each takes the karma we know

but now there is mercury

vast amounts now

and seemingly it seems to grow


this is now no laughing matter

for mercury poisoning will

cause massive alarm bells

to ring in the hearts

and this truly is a bitter pill


the AR protestors are out there

they see the blood and the gore

they feel the pain of those going


on the blood and guts on the shore


then there are those who would do this

for the meat and the blubber they need

they only see it as future

in the waters of course all now bleed

its  only a matter of time now

for the toxins to enter each soul

those eating these whales

who may not know the tales

of Minamata that some souls

went through



its a difficult test

for the humans

time will resolve issues here

it may be that man will clean up his act

based on death and destruction and fear

or it maybe that toxins will overcome all

and that these hunts will cease in a while

and it maybe that people will try to change


adopting a whole fresher style



of living reducing the need

to eat others

the animals earthlings who live

who share Planet Earth

and know of its worth

and truthfully also do give


much of their life to its being

a place where in fact all can share

possibly more vegan habitats growing

and possibly just more aware



Atlantic Airways may carry

good thoughts to here and to there

the people may realise

Pilot Whale blubber

has led them through to despair

or the hunt may go on

now regardless

and sickness may follow

and we

may realise sooner  than later

that we all  fucking poisoned the sea







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