The Pilot Whales and The Faroe Islanders

Since 1948 since they’ve had home rule

they have taken on the responsibility

the “grindadrap” or hunt for

long finned pilot whales

driven to the shore line rapidly


the islands are

out in the North Atlantic

its all about their culture

now we know

even their authorities have warned

them of the mercury

the figures in these whales

does grow and grow


we can say that the meat should not be eaten

Minamata might now raise its head

Japan has suffered one bout

which killed  a lot of children

the percentages mean

there is now no doubt


what we might have safely done

some time ago

is not what we can safely do today

culture is an ass if it is blindly carried through

making victims and consumers pay


the way the whales are killed

is pretty dreadful they use a whale knife

to cut through the spine

this cuts the main arteries

of every single whale

and it becomes a blood bath

done the line


blood and gore

they swim in it its awful

nothing could be worse

for us to see

the motion of the waves

create a creaming of the surf

and blood and gore and snot

and guts it be


everywhere its like some

awful battle field

The Faroese authorities

they say

despite the toxins

its about tradition

clearly they lost some thought

along the way


anyone can join in with the slaughter

hooks and ropes and poles

are all they use

the whaling knife will end the life

its mayhem there alas

its wickedness to do this

to create a vile morass

out of what is pristine coastline

and a natural sea

to turn it into a grave of blood

well it sickens me



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