The earthlings in the ocean

its really very arrogant

of all of us to feel

that whats going on in Fukashima

really isn’t real

we are talking about

a melt down

and radiation which

is going into the ocean

if anyone should pitch

the argument that radiation

doesn’t hurt a fly

then they should go and clean it up

because my dear friends why

is caesium and strontium

allowed to just descend

into the precious ocean

where in lives man s friend

the dolphins and the whales of course

the mighty beasts of old

their bathing in this awful soup

in its power they are rolled


there is nothing quite like

strontium and plutonium

for they

will be around long after

we’ve all faded away

2 and one half million years

thats a real long haul

and all the while

this radioactive crap

is bound to fall

on each and every creature

that ever walked or swam

we’re really doomed

in it we’re tombed

thanks to Uncle Sam





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