South Korea and the dog trade including the Moran Market VERY GRAPHIC

Its as bad as it gets

it couldn’t be worse

these Korean scenes

no one could rehearse


to film it is shaming

its brutal

its vile

having watched it right through

can I reconcile


what I have witnessed

with humans on earth

can I imagine

why their mothers gave birth


to earthlings with spirit

earthlings who’d be

living their lives

in this dark purgatory



mountains of shit

line the cages of woe

and it seems it has rotted

as it did grow


maggots and mould

festoon the cage floor

where the animals stand

in their own blood and gore


its an evil beyond anything

I have seen

an infernal hell hole

where humans so mean


stand there and torture

and woefully kill

smash them and bash them

and cut them until


they lay back and die

bleeding out on the floor

being bashed senseless

and being bashed more



darkness is everywhere

yelping is heard

squealing so frantically

how this occurred


terrible cages

littered with shit

the smell must be awful

snot gob and spit



carnage and death

its just everywhere

bodies are rotting

the live dogs must share


the floor with reminders

of children who died

who were bashed who were smashed

and their organs inside


had erupted and lay on the floor

it is vile

puppies tails wagging

the mother such bile


her eyes wide and weeping

her feelings of grief

her stomach is churning

its beyond belief



these koreans are sadists

butchers of woe

boiling alive some

and you don’t want to know


no one needs to see this

those agonised cries

one after the other

a sad fellow dies


a bitch dies

a pup dies

they all die of pain

of torture of being kicked

again and again



corpses lay here there and everywhere, they

died in great pain some time

who can say

some partly eaten

some rotted away

encrusted with dead skin

and filth and decay



its a desolate place

a horrific scene

the sounds of the vanquished

all bloody obscene


big doleful eyes

gaze up into the sky

and search into our soul

just asking why?


at the morning market

the gloom glinting green

cage upon cage

the dogs looking lean


howling for mercy

not getting it they

forced out of the cage

and then made to pay


torn at the neck

bashed over the head

their whimpering cries

their poor heads all red


with their blood thats now dripping

out onto the floor

then the flame gun is used

and then there’s no more



life in these sweet souls

somebody’s pet

they maybe were stolen

this was the debt


they pay to humanity

this was their end

this was the torture

being mans best friend


loyal they were loyal

friendly as hell

but boy did they suffer

no one dare tell


some of the deeds

that these korean scum

dolled out and rolled out

just rule of thumb


food just a huge tray of blow flies

that crawl

who would eat this crap

not any fool

would want to dislodge them

and try and chew

the spawn of the

devil the puke of his crew


manhandled repeatedly

bashed and then dragged

trodden  on and clubbed

and bloody well grabbed


like a piece of shit  thrown

into the air

this is a film that

brings instant despair


South Korea be ashamed

hang your heads low

your most evil butchers

they had better go


the mean executions

no justice at all

just torture and  slow death

smashed  into the wall


puppy dogs squealing

is this what life was

a sweet little litter

slaughtered because


thats what now happens

that is their lot

this is the worst film

that ever they’ve got


look into their eyes

and what do we see

death and destruction

their mortality


their woefulness

tears of blood

it is all there

and the Korean butchers

they don’t even care


they are standing in shit

they are gruesome as hell

they are trolls of the order

of black filth and smell


they cannot have women

around them no more

they are  so bloody evil

caked up in the gore


we have to condemn them

we have to say they

are murdering scum

in the bright light of day


no human earthlings

should ever desire

such an ugly  picture

so terribly dire


its tears at the throat

its grab at the gut

it means all who see this

reach just to shut


their eyes now forever

for to open them they

might just glimpse

another soul taken away







About Rex Tyler

I love animals. I enjoy writing poetry and delivering speeches.I like to mentor people who need help in preparing speeches and evaluations.I enjoy travel although it is much harder for me these days.I so enjoyed the Andes Mountains and Volcanoes and the Quichua people who live and thrive there.I have lots of friends around the world.
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