More slaughter in Japanese waters this time the Dalls Porpoise

More slaughter takes places every year

outside the cove at Taiji

this is in the northern parts

without  the publicity


2 men boats go out to sea

and take the porpoise they

are always killed

and many of them

out there the blood is spilled



some reach weights of 500 pounds

these are handsome souls

living on Hake and Skate I hear

and the japanese have goals


they take around 20,000

thats a lot a meat

thats a lot victim’s

in Iwate  they are discreet


Taiji gets the interest

the camera’s all go

filming at the cove of death

where everything’s on show

In Iwate now that’s killing

and its not a cultural thing

its been happening really since

the whaling ban

they couldn’t bring


all those huge great whales


and so the smaller souls

are slaughtered

many of them

to try to meet the goals


Pilot whales and beaked whales

are also being killed

it all done very quietly

the fisherman are thrilled



Japan is quite remarkable

how she carries on

and probably will be killing them

till everyone is gone


thats despite Fukashima

and the radioactive soup

and despite all that mercury

they still tay in the loop


their sashimi and they sushi  stuff

that’s is what they eat

Minamata has been forgotten

by Japan’s elite



with all this radiation

spreading far and wide

eating from the seas around Japan

it must be  suicide


but still they want to do that

apparently they feel

culture is a price worth paying

despite what we reveal



20,000 porpoises

are dying every year

and now  loaded with radiaoactive

strontium I fear


Strontium has a half life

of about 600 years

so in a nutshell that may mean

and awful lot of tears






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