Live Exports

Australia has seen some of the worst cases


thousands of sheep and cows

have died

and few had made a sound


Animals Australia took the matter to

the people and with energy

really thought it through


the government

are not that concerned

for them its the export trade

its money in the coffers

and trading partners fade


away quite soon

when faced with angry people

who might say

that what they are doing

is wholly wrong

and that is not the way


animals are animals

people eat them so

they have to die

and when they die

and how they die

the blow


is frighteningly obvious

so they are tortured on the way

they are animals

who cares about their feelings

day to day


thats a real hard story line

for activists to see

thats a real blow in many way

to a good democracy


they have to die

so who cares

ship them on their way

out of sight out of mind

thats the present way


caring about animals

is caring about us all

we are sentient beings

when  we hear so many call


the sheep the calves the pigs

they all have rights and feelings too

and should not be neglected

whatever people do



Live exports is a bad event

its wrong, it isn’t right

shipping living souls abroad

imagine, their fright


an alien world of movement

on the ocean in a hold

bundled together and treated like cargo

going to where they’ve been sold


off loaded like cargo

these are living beings

with hearts and with feelings

and hopes and desires


they are not inanimate

imagine their thinking

no food and no water

and too many liars



our politicians quote laws


they turn their heads

to Europe you go

these are not decisions that we can make

these days

now  we are part of the big

Brussels show


if you don’t like it

now you can lump it

this is the dictat we hear

loud and clear

the ag laws just passed

by the tory toffs telling

the corporate gods

they have nothing to fear



they silence objection

they tell us don’t worry

we’re watching out for you

that is our realm

as for live exports

there’s far more important

things to now think of

but we’re at the helm



you are just minions

millions of minions

animal earthlings

don’t worry your head

if you eat animals

then you are culpable

and anyway

soon they will be dead


this is reality

this is whats happening

we activists can go this way and that

stand at the docks gates

and yell  off our high horse

but Europe stands firm

thats where they are at


so a battle of sorts rages

in our emotions

we hear and we see

animal stand in


we know they are tortured

we know they are butchered

we know they are eaten

billions each year


all we can do is stop and be vegan

that will help some

but only a few

most of the mass population are eating

more and more animals

that is my view


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