Kill Shelters

We arrived at the shelter

its  was bitterly cold

barks and yelps cut through

the night

I just rolled

up on the floor

in some paper and straw

dreaming that someone

would fetch me for sure


I will we be saved

I am sure I will be

but I know it looks bad for us all

Yes and me


who wants to die

not me anyway

there s  a  big German Shepherd

and a Borzoi  they lay

close together

quite big dogs

with long leashes on

I’m a jack Russell cross

and my owner he’s gone


he just put my lead on

as if we were going out

to the park or the river

I wasn’t in doubt

we were going to play

but he drove over here

and he left me


to experience fear


Already I miss my bed

right by his fire

the cage I am in

its cold and its dire

the water its dirty

I’m not used to this

its not what I was promised

this is not bliss


so now we are waiting

tethered and still

watching the man

with his needle he’ll kill

one after the other

we know that soon we

will be under the rainbow bridge

yes hopefully


The man he is awful

he’s hard hearted joe

he stabs us and stabs us

our hearts full of woe

bleeding we’re bleeding

in just so much pain

its not how we wanted it

it hurts our brain


I think that to be

on one’s own at the end

to die in the cold

out of sight of a friend

with a drug in your paw

and a tear in your eye

and a cold floor

to fall on when you do die


its sad way to go

to be left all alone

with a tear in your eye

just to whimper and moan

as you feel all that toxin

reach down to your soul

and the pain in your heart

as you lose all control









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