Its a Fracking cheek

An air of desperation

seems to be  about to break

as Cameron is sharing

every piece of cake


he can with would be fracker’s

the fracking gas brigade

offering local councils

a lot of extra aid


he wants to get our country

fracked to hell

for he

sees the shale as manna

from the gods

how can he be ?


so naive about it all

the toff’s though seem to be

as long as its carving other peoples land

where they can’t see


they seem to not be caring

they imagine that they will

make so much out of this stuff

the wind will never chill


but let me tell you Cameron

changing laws will be

dangerous and very costly

to you, personally



the laws of trespass


you, want to adapt

so frackers can get under our houses

when at the moment they are trapped


if we say you cannot

they cannot

but if you change the laws

then anything can happen

clearly you have flaws



in the way you govern

this dictat is not right

what we have is what we have

and creating a blight


to me is most insightful

what is in  it for you

maybe you are desperate

in what you have to do


but we are the british people

we have fought, all our years

to have a decent winter

and to be pressed with fears


of total loss and mayhem

because you have fucked up

fracking now is lacking

its best you take a cup


of something other than shale gas

for the people know your game

some councils have already said

your bribes are all the same


they will not go for fracking

they know too well its wrong

and any amount of blackmail

its not where they belong


so what are we seeing Cameron

the new dictator who

wants the energy companies

to ruin us and do


whatever they bloody well want to

and you will give them cash

remember you are unelected mate

so why are you trying to bash



us the British people

we’ve tried to do whats right

shale gas might make some of you

rich yea overnight


but the rest of will suffer

hardship all the way

and its a bloody insult

for humanity I say



Thanks Greenpeace for the insight today



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