Frozen to death

Try to imagine just how bad it can be

when you’ve been left outside

in a carrier, we

don’t want to imagine the pain you would feel

as the cold settlers in

and it does reveal


a shuddering shivering solid refrain

as you slowly freeze

all that terrible pain

for a sweet little puppy

left in the snow

to die just to lie

and just to whimper so


In Farmington district

a 20 year old

is charged

for leaving him out in the cold

why would he do that

he must realise

that a puppy would die

it should be no surprise


its callous and evil

so thoughtless an act

to heap on a pup

who is bound to react

hatred to the fore

for this dear sweet earthling

frozen to death

whilst under his wing






except to say then left out in the frost

and the end game

you are frozen


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