A handsome beast

lays dead today

a bloody nose

how did she pay

with her life

on that hot dry ground

because the hunter man

came around


a loaded rifle

primed and hot

a trigger pulled

she had been shot

clean through the heart

perhaps who knows

another Lion I do suppose


the happy chappie

beard, tattoo’s

his rifle showing

its the blues

I feel ,

a sadness ,and a tragedy

that these canned hunts

still have to be


organised by local farms

knowing the wild life

how it harms

how arrogant

how truly poor

to kill the feral souls

their gore


available for all to see

perhaps a paw

soon will be

on its way back to where

the hunter man

will want to share


his trophy will it sit a while

in his club

he should be on trial

for murder and be

thrown in jail

together with

the canned hunt trail


I cry inside

for what I see

a jackass


how can he be


when he’s killed a queen

his  actions

truly so obscene



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