Chipperfield’s Convenience Store

Its is much more than a Convenience Store

its an oasis let me say

all sorts of foods on offer

and a very nice display


its clean and well presented

its prices keen as well

customer service is second to none

and all sorts  of things they sell


frozen chilled and fresh

canned goods and breads and cakes

confectionary and cigarettes

its a store that really makes


an effort an eclectic range

of really useful things

and a  really first class post office

with all that that service brings


Chipperfield is  fortunate

to have a store like this

its takes a lot of work

to build

a place that provides such bliss


a lot of hard work goes into

the running of this store

and really there

is evidence

that I will use them more

although I live in Berkhamsted

they have selections

that  I buy

and I commend them for their


which is really why


I thought to write about them

and to try and say

they provide a service

that is hard to find today


the staff are upbeat

and caring


and do employ

such helpful caring people


which brings its own sweet joy



Your Post Office

and Convenience Store

in Garden Scene Chipperfield

01923 264279

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