a poisonous lizard and the oil barons

Gila a monster

a poisonous lizard

but also a prime site

now  out in the sea

BP a monster

I feel in my gizzard

who spewed out its guts

of which we’re not free


despite all its PR

its flashes of money

its corporate claptrap

its complete disregard

for the oil thats still there

the dispersant was evil

as bad as the crude was

and all of the life there

that clearly is scarred


The dolphins those beings

of higher persuasion

who swim in the waters

and breathe he shared air

5 billion barrels

of crude much still lying

where our eyes can’t fathom

and our hearts don’t share


so many Dolphins are sick in the water

their lungs coated no doubt

with what we all saw

they are advanced mammals

and this vile contagion

is tearing into them

so for us to ignore


the signs pf destruction

on a pure species

hormonal problems

and abnormalities

to imagine that BP

will soon re start drilling

is so abhorrent

how can this be


under the waves

the deepwater horizon

became very quickly of course

deepwater hell

tarballs are everywhere

shrimp and shell fishes

many are laden still

do we hear tell


BP are far above

what we know as caring

sparing us little

and giving us none

they know destruction

they can’t hear the ruction

what the poor people out on the water

have done


Gila a monster

a poisonous lizard

to my mind unfortunate

ever to be

associated with an oil drilling platform

especially oil dredged out of the sea


The gulf  don’t think ever

will be the same place

BP has ruined it

its a disgrace

the people were hurt

in so many ways

and the great corporation

sunk in its malaise


of profit or wretchedness

of all we see

its frightening really

the power of BP

its out of the news

its out of the mind

as the dolphins now know

its just part of the grind


there’s crude really everywhere

down in the sand

its inside our bodies

who can’t understand

its part of the air

that all of us share

its part of the water

we are made aware

its part of our body

its part of our soul

and BP is so big

its out of control

and BP




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