A seal or it could be any precious being

What I  will say

is those supposedly sentient human beings who

omit to feel the immense regard

for the earthlings now who do

possess the skin

that keeps them from the

ice and hoary waste

they just need the flush

of a white fur stole

or a seal skin scarf

now placed

around their scrawny throats

to cover and to warm

oblivious of the irreplaceable

life that in that storm

of sick emotive motions

from louts who came to kill

and used their rotten staves

and  rained  them down

their blood to spill



but  of course they  didn’t feel anything

it was how they looked

and felt

they felt that they were lucky

at the hand that they’d been dealt



their hearts

of course were wizened

lethargic and so dry

their mind was dull and languid

they could only feel that high

wearing someone else’s skin

who brutally was killed

it wasn’t in their pxyche

otherwise to be fulfilled

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