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Miss Harper

To mutilate an animal to cut off her leg and ear has to be a psycho truthfully that’s clear these people walk about our streets we maybe pass them by could be they smile these raving  lunatics to  reconcile ourselves … Continue reading

The Arctic sighs with relief Goodbye Shell

Its good to hear that Shell is barred from returning to drill oil The Arctic doesn’t need them they made tempers boil clearly they were inadequate their plans were never clear apparently they were not aware of the conditions, so … Continue reading

What is the news

Justin Beiber who the hell is he we have to say what is happening to the world we want the news today whether he’s smoking marijuana or racing up the street really doesn’t matter one iota, the elite   are … Continue reading

A seal or it could be any precious being

What I  will say is those supposedly sentient human beings who omit to feel the immense regard for the earthlings now who do possess the skin that keeps them from the ice and hoary waste they just need the flush … Continue reading


A handsome beast lays dead today a bloody nose how did she pay with her life on that hot dry ground because the hunter man came around   a loaded rifle primed and hot a trigger pulled she had been … Continue reading

The earthlings in the ocean

its really very arrogant of all of us to feel that whats going on in Fukashima really isn’t real we are talking about a melt down and radiation which is going into the ocean if anyone should pitch the argument … Continue reading

Live Exports

Australia has seen some of the worst cases around thousands of sheep and cows have died and few had made a sound   Animals Australia took the matter to the people and with energy really thought it through   the … Continue reading

Saved from a burning house

Imagine how that dog feels with all the other stories of being frozen in a box so clearly now he sure is   happy that his owner loves him, for he knew if it wasn’t for his valour he’d have … Continue reading

Frozen to death

Try to imagine just how bad it can be when you’ve been left outside in a carrier, we don’t want to imagine the pain you would feel as the cold settlers in and it does reveal   a shuddering shivering … Continue reading

South Korea and the dog trade including the Moran Market VERY GRAPHIC

Its as bad as it gets it couldn’t be worse these Korean scenes no one could rehearse   to film it is shaming its brutal its vile having watched it right through can I reconcile   what I have witnessed … Continue reading