Bio Science experimentation on living pigs

It is a  reproductive science technique

this  the warped senses

that I now critique

China used, the jelly fish DNA

so they glow in the dark

what is there to say



there is no excuse

for the tampering here

to be able to say that you did it

its clear


we can see that you did it

but what of these souls

when man takes it on himself

to hit the controls


to fire up the senses

to recreate,and

to alter a species

who won’t understand


why they glow in the dark

imagine that thought

they call this success

bio science has sought

a reason for  this

but it leaves me cold

I cannot feel bliss

what of these  piglets

how would they feel

they must know they are different

we cannot conceal

frustration and anger

and curiously

such arrogant traits

they don’t surprise me


alarm from some quarters

and the opposite too

for when we meddle with life

death can ensue

we as yet cannot create

what would be the need

Science for me

an excuse

to mislead

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