Genetic manipulation is it the inevitable journey

Its really most unsettling
to live our lives today
why was it inevitable
that power might take away
what was just our basic right
to live at freedoms door
and not be bothered by the rats
coming to explore

its menacing to me at least
to realise that we
are being sucked into a pot
of sick depravity
there is intimidation
its rife and for those who
have little in their pockets
what are they supposed to do

basically they are ignorant
and as propaganda’s fed
via the corporate media
of course we are being led
on with information
biased let us say
a general softening up process
that takes concerns away

when one sits and contemplates
the reasoning one feels
threatened by the outcome
for really it reveals
a sinister dark element
within our lifetime where
we are to be manipulated
leading us to despair

and if we do have children
they are to be the ones
the new breed of guinea pigs
when one ponders it just stuns
every thinking loving sentient soul
I have to say
that there are powerful entities
who want to take away

our health, our lives, our promise
our visions they don’t matter
we are only numbers lost
in all the chatter
we are pawns on the great chess board
operated by
the new gods the new world order
who will tell us when to die

humanity is reeling
the corporate kings are here
they took over our DNA
their experiments are clear
they have their far reaching programmes
their research is now abroad
in Africa in Poland
where few there can afford

to say we do not want them
its dictatorship of sorts
research is up and ready
all the blood and warts
have to be now tested
and bodies need to be
open to the vaccines
that really now is key

and so the programmes
are run out in their rudimentary stage
clinical trials for miles and miles
data off the page
the arrogance is manifest
white coats are everywhere
the whistle blowers threatened
but some appear to care

more than it was imagined
despite the threats they still
spill the beans around the world
and provide those winds that chill
the thinking caring sentients
and there are a lots around
and with social media working overtime
they start to hound

the corporate mentality
its suffering a bit
people begin to realise
that we are in the shit
there’s too much going on
we do not know about and we
are being sucked into it all
with regularity

and its worrying its evil
its like a curtain being draped
across our very being
we feel we’re being raped
and left to splutter in the filth
whilst vampires come to see
come to test responses
but avoid our every plea

compassion isn’t anywhere
its banned it seems to me
a ruthlessness is prevalent
and ruptures seemingly
everything we ever had
our visions and our dreams
they were sacrosanct but are no more
they almost seem against the law

and so its bleak I have to say
the whistle blowers blow away
the media reports are there
but many of us just dont care
its happening up in the sky
down in the earth the hue and cry
in our hearts we question those
but few are now around to pose

and so we muddle on each day
frightened really even to say
anything dumbed down and sad
for those who whistle are deemed mad
besides so few have ears to hear
they are caught up in their own fear
its hard to know where we will be
in 20 years, I earnestly

believe in higher beings who
with collective consciousness will do
a better job than what we have now
but when and who and when and how
I don’t have those answers,I just hope
that the children left will somehow cope
will regain the power of human kind
and be able to open up their mind

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