This is ominous could it be the last Round up and it may seriously to affect us all

When it comes to Monsanto
we need all the studies
that any independents can do
and this one on Round up and
its effect on Aflatoxins
make when reading its findings
feel blue
for if Round up enhances the growth
of this toxin why on earth
did the EPA
recently sanction its increase in use
and who in the long term will pay
the piper appears to be blowing
his horn
and mesmerising all about
thankfully there are some
pretty brave people about now
all showing some doubt
in the so called research
that’s on offer
from Monsanto’s illustrious team
Aflatoxin B1 is second to none
this one kills therefore
it is not just a dream
its a nightmare of hellish
its not what the world needs today
our food is now threatened by all sorts
of problems
and this one it won’t go away
if Round Up up enhances its factors
than those in the pot might just pay
GM gets another black mark on the scale
it shows us that arrogance feeds
into the abyss and may be just this
will ensure that it never succeeds
my hope is that this is another
reason to block it and say
Sorry Monsanto we just don’t believe you
your ranting’s alas dont hold sway

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