Its pretty sick that humans
have decided we should eat
the skin of cows and pigs
boiled down and rendered
as complete
peptides and proteins making up
a jelly or a gel
as kids we loved those jellies
though they had a funny smell
of course it was dead body
and so they flavoured it
coloured it with azo dyes
petroleum did fit
in a kid’s portfolio
no wonder I did spit
out a lot of jelly
and that got on dad’s nerves
I remember he gave me a few whacks
on my lower curves

but now I am a man I can
decide what I can eat
and cow skin and pigs skin
and cow bones, does unseat
every bit of emotion in me
I just have to say
the adults who think their
children should put this stuff away
are ignorant or just don’t care
its sad whatever for they
are palming off on children
more crap every day

its a cheap and nasty by product
high profit through and through
derived from animal collagen
and most don’t have a clue
what they give their children
they really do not care
as long its on the supermarket shelves
then fair and square
it must be what the doctor ordered
just the stuff to scoff
it would keep you chipper
and never make you cough

this is total ignorance
that some parents display
and with this kind of ignorance
of course they are blown away
by really rotten processors
who keep the public dumb
and fill their food with utter crap
and boy do they get some

now there is a process for saving
money here and there and here and everywhere
and gelatine is going spare
in fact they put it everywhere
high fructose corn and refined salt
the mums are being stung
not by wasps or bees no no
by the foodies who have rung
every last drop out of,mums and dads
now and they
are looking for new fangled ideas
to make their margins pay
the piper and who ever ambled
into buy
gelatine old bones and gristle
don’t come and us me why
now you know the reason its cheap
and makes me dough
its a by product from the slaughterhouse
which is coloured as you know
its a by product of petroleum
and makes me lots of dough
and its sweetened with white sugar
its a by product you know!

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