Advertising works as long as you pay for it

take a chicken slaughter it
clean the blood away
dress it up and make it dance
as part of a display
some advertising material
sanitize it see
carnivores will pass it by
they don’t see any plea
all they see is a picture
its chicken its been dressed
and all it does is remind them
that a chicken would be best
to eat today tomorrow
its a ploy to catch them out
and it cost a proper packet
and works there is no doubt
advertisers know this
psychology appears
up there in their faces
and dusts away their fears
there is no creature anywhere
who would give way to the test
of being killed and still be happy
and dance and have such zest
its in the sick minds only
created just to make
the point to instil on people
that the meat to take
its insensitive and its really
fantasy of course
tragic in so many ways
but come straight from the source
those who see no problem
in laughing at the dead
chickens that spent all their lives
in some horrid shed
their throats were slit their guts
were torn their feathers ripped
but we
still believe its good to see the
dead ones dancing free
up there on the bus stops
on the big ad boards
carnivores are laughing
everyone affords
chicken its the nicest
it dances on your plate
buy a happy chicken
you know it tastes real great

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