G E Labelling laws ( note to Monsanto)

Connecticut and Maine have passed
the GE Labelling Law
at last people are waking up
perhaps like ne’er before
dumbed into insignificance
with an, open window for
Monsanto, and their Big Pharma
who thought that they were so sure
pumping in their millions
to turn the vote their way
but the people really matter
and have had their say

90% of American’s
favour the labelling, so
the pledge we all have to sign it
so the numbers grow
Monsanto needs to hear us
our screams out on the plain
Americans are waking up
and we shall not sleep again

Monsanto can you hear us?
our voices are loud and clear
we want to know what you’ve done
to our food
we want to know can you hear
we know you were after our bodies
we know what your plan was for us
but we’ve woken up and we’re ready
and now there’s no time to discuss

we won’t be buying your franken shit
your salmon your soya your rape
your corn or your fuckin papaya
for us its an honest escape

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