Badgers deserve better 25 years the murdering begins lawfully in June

Shoot Badgers for 25 years
our government ministers
heighten my fears
ignorance and the
so called meat trade
money is all about
money its laid
at the farmers and corporates
who get off scot free
the badgers can die
how daft is the government
Eton boys, may be
but dead from the neck up
if you ask me

The badgers are not at fault
no not at all
its the farming fraternity
really they fall
down a great deal on their husbandry
diet, lack of sun
and fresh grass is the key
when cows are inside
in CAFO’s we know
their health suffers greatly
for Badgers to go
and be shot in the wild
is the wrong thing to do
it is arrogant nonsense
and will rebound on you

I am sick to my teeth
to hear minister talk
about something they know
little of
they should walk
the way of the wild soul
creation knows best
the cows in the fields
very rarely ingest
good fresh organic feed
nowadays GMO’s
are coming in fast
and great problems they pose

and the whipping boy here
is the badger poor Brock
out in the wilds
and soon such a shock
as the farmers are coming for him
with their gun
its takes us away
from their role
what they’ve done
is blame the poor Badger
They have passed the buck
but I guarantee Farmers
have run out of luck

for killing the badger
will not stop TB
and the deaths of the innocent
will haunt us you’ll see
we have to stand up and fight this
we do
the government has got it wrong
just no clue
its easy to kill
wild souls with no voice
but farmers oh yea they have the choice
they have the say
they lobby hard
and they vote Tory
and so mark their card

To the ministers, listen
Badgers will be
free of these lies
spread vindictively
the farmers themselves
need to look deep within
themselves what they do
what is the sin
cows not fed in a sensible way
but shut up in the dark
and for that we all pay

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