Trappers ( can we somehow find out how their minds work) do we want to know?

To get into the mind of a trapper
is like climbing down into a pit
into the depths of delusion
a place free of passion or wit
a place free of light and desiring
a place which is dark to the eye
there in the dankness of darkness
where the worms and the parasites ply

trappers their minds at a tangent
knowing the agony they
cause to the hungry those unsuspecting
who caught in their jaws
have to pay
a very high price on emotion
commotion for they
are lost in the moment
of pure deprivation
a sensation that won’t go away

why do they do it
what is their goal?
they know surely deep in their hearts
that the soul
cries out alone
in the great jaws of steel
somehow they must
wonder just how they feel
lost in a agonised realm
of pure sin
in a struggle that clearly
no one can win
wolves are so often lost in this way
the cubs wander here and there
and often pay
immediate death for a baby
one feels
a great crushing blow
that kind of reveals
a vileness of thought
a desire so to do
to exact the most pain
for, all those who
come to the trapper
whose devilish ploy
to cause so much pain
which he then can enjoy

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