Palm oil

The explosion in Palm Oil production
is chiefly because where it grows
its of course the forest
where the indigenous and where the wild earthlings
the only threat to them
simple souls ancient and sweet
rarely aggressive and always expressive
but the easiest cause to unseat
the great source
we’ve seen in Malaysia and Indonesia
the corporate annhililation
the lungs of this planet
torn out by the roots
to give them the profit creation

all corporations from growers
to buyers
have exploited the forests galore
the Orangutans and so many others
are reeling from this bloody war
turning and burning of course its concerning
they have no regard none at all
and now they have torn up the jungle abroad
Its Africa which does appal

as most of the forest is owned
by the state
now their forest is given away
the people who live there
don’t get a look in
they just will not get a say
the great heathen tribes
the corporate monsters
flashing their dollars about
impacting the forest and the indigenous
and, that’s without any doubt
vast tracts of land will be smashed up and torn
chaos ensues,for us all
OLAM is Gabon has already started
and more lovely trees are to fall
all of that forest composted
and fertile
rich in such diversity
will be torn down
and lost yes forever
the life force they sever
when these bastards go to town.

chocolate is one source
the main brands use palm oil
boycott the bastards I say
all the main brands give them a miss
start out and do it today

go for Booja Booja
and Divine chocolate Traidcraft
the coop and Sainsbury’s and Lindt
Plamil and Waitrose and windmill organic
the rest do not buy it
pretend you are skint



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