Fighting in the pit

Dog fighting
it is growing on a massive scale
and those who get involved in it
are on a downward trail
to stardom in a rotten world
it kind of helps them sail
into an iniquity
a sort of holy grail

where ruffians and hoodlums
to steal the thunder there
seeing pitbulls slide into
illusionary despair
blood and guts and snot and pain
which is where they want to be
we should euthanize the trainers
who incite this malady

watch them closely if you dare
as their taken to despair
pulling out what little hair
clearly they don’t bloody care
flailing sinew
massive molars
tearing into gaping
blood is spattered
souls are shattered
all the wounds of course
and fresh

scarred and bruised
and bleeding
life receding fast
until the bite that killed her
was a heinous blast
a catastrophic leap of faith
crushing jaws and she
my beauty she was finished
in the spotlights
she was free

reaction of on lookers
was one of sin and woe
some had lost a fortune
some we didn’t know
drugged up to the eyeballs
in that basement ring
where devils worship nightly
and to this sport they bring

a vile disturbing banter
and dark aggressive side
decay is all around us
it cannot be denied
the violence of that moment
when two dogs clash and fight
when throats are ripped a’sunder
in what was one huge bite

the police must come and stop this
the law must see and end
to what is surely awful
the message it can send
of 2 dogs fighting to the death
with blood just every where
and men some loved by women
reaching into such despair

sinking into what can only be described
as hell
making pit bulls
do this
on the ringing of a bell

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