Monthly Archives: April 2013

We want to fracking know what’s going on

Secrecy obsessed really they have had to be they must think, we are mental if we cannot see the frackers wasting water like its going out of fashion poisoning our land and rivers with nothing like compassion destruction of the … Continue reading

Foie Gras(Diseased fatty livers) Brigitte Bardot Fortnum and Mason and me(the poet)

Its clear Fortnum and Mason have some influential souls supporting them and many have warped and nasty roles in cuisine, and whatever else they do for Foie Gras really has to be the nastiest vilest food that’s ever been conceived, … Continue reading

Other nations if that’s the case its worse than ever

If there are other Nations caught in the web of life if we are all now earthlings we’re in the vilest strife that’s probably never ever been a holocaust that’s bigger than ever it was before is happening all over … Continue reading

111 Chimps let out from their laboratory prisons to live in Chimp Haven

Freedom somewhere deep inside our memory, we see those open spaces look the verdant grass and a big tree its branches sweeping upward I’m sure that I can climb feel that bark and taste those buds and just feel in … Continue reading

Trappers ( can we somehow find out how their minds work) do we want to know?

To get into the mind of a trapper is like climbing down into a pit into the depths of delusion a place free of passion or wit a place free of light and desiring a place which is dark to … Continue reading

Fighting in the pit

Dog fighting it is growing on a massive scale and those who get involved in it are on a downward trail to stardom in a rotten world it kind of helps them sail into an iniquity a sort of holy … Continue reading

Kosher Butchery and slaughter this is just too much to take in( cows deserve so much more than this)

A restraining device shocked with a prod their throats and their trachea’s cut oh! dear God what are we doing? whats it all for dismembered alive as they flail on the floor in their own blood they dance in such … Continue reading

Wolf baiting( KYRGZSTANI Salboron hunting festival Cholpon-ata

Don’t talk to me of culture who the hell are you to decide the great wolves fate you haven’t got a clue this is never culture its bloody murder and I can never look at it as great why a … Continue reading

Palm oil

The explosion in Palm Oil production is chiefly because where it grows its of course the forest where the indigenous and where the wild earthlings pose the only threat to them simple souls ancient and sweet rarely aggressive and always … Continue reading

Starvation is big business

He squats with his crumbs all around him dirty, dishevelled and sad alone in the world in which he was hurled life for him clearly is bad unwashed and unloved its all crazy this corporate mentality of feeding the animals … Continue reading