Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Bison

Bearded, sleek and powerful Our friend the Bison, who roams the realms of Yellowstone and other landscapes too 6 feet, from hoof to shoulder and can weigh some, 2 tonnes The females average half that size And the bold one … Continue reading

Wolf haters listening to them its easy to see why wolves hate them for everybody else hates them too

I heard a man, from Montana today who wants to kill wolves when they get in his way and as far as he know everyone that he sees is in his way and must die on its knees he calls … Continue reading

Barbaric paraphanalia

A net of chains around his face brown eyes stare out on the disgrace for man to do this as he’s done to terrorize somebody’s son to experiment to hasten fear is lamentable now can you hear? horrific stuff what … Continue reading

My first thoughts after seeing Black Elk giving his thanks to the wind

the silver cliffs a backdrop to this land now shared by all the river dried up long before its water as a rule polluted by the waste of white men in their cities where the sky they seldom ever see … Continue reading

Crush video’s

The kind of sensitivity of crushing kittens painfully underneath your high heels Ladies where do you come from? some sexual pleasure you derive from feeling the soul still alive then squashing it and watching it trying to survive as you … Continue reading

The tragic story of the life of “Borko” a terrier

The story of “Borko” brings tears to one’s eyes and pain to our hearts when we do realise as a baby his owner beat him so hard that his young spine was broken and his whole life was scarred a … Continue reading

The REAL Easter Bunny (a life no one would envy)

Listen to me all of you The Easter Bunnies, they are tortured really all their lives every single day and these souls are so social building warrens everywhere so imagine what its like for them in a tiny cage, unfair … Continue reading

Apart from the human being do other species grieve ( not my question but I will answer it)

Its not whether that’s an arrogance no human should perceive all mammals love their offspring and for them are bound to grieve they carry their own footprint on into beyond and its clearly thus apparent its how we all respond … Continue reading

America’s first people a lost people still

Open eyes see many things but closed minds cannot not feel the first people they were always there now what does that reveal a tumultuous uprising and a fearful sordid end 19 million people with little to defend the guardians … Continue reading

A plea for all orangutans

It’s so green, you just feel it Your swallowed up, that buzz! Insects wander everywhere And certainly it does Rapidly get to you The steamy sensuous heat That seems to penetrate your every follicle, You eat The nuts and fruits … Continue reading