Fracking liars

In a world where half the countries
fight for water
the population drinking muddy slop
or digging in the deserts for a pittance
frackers in America must stop

wasting and polluting
precious water
for they not only take
this living mass
but so pollute
it with a range of nasties
just to drag out of the shale
some gas

this gas will cost the earth
and local aquifers
will get a dose
of poison, for they will
then waste some 600,000 gallons
of water turning into a
dank and awesome brew

toxic, radioactive
we shall never
ever drink or irrigate
our land
each frack amounts to vast amounts
of water
ruined by the toxics and the sand

watercourses, farming land and rivers
aquifers, our oxygen supply
frack pads, the environment
the people, natural gas oh! yea
but why oh! why?

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