Experimental Vaccines for the children

Experimental vaccine trials
appear to be a way
the massive pharma mentality
are going to get some sway
the negative publicity
has seen their causes drop
and by lobbying the
they now hope that will stop

the slide that hits their pockets
and brings their world to see
that the only way of getting
out of the Vaccine trials
is to be
an opt out
you must opt out
of if not
face the wrath
your children will be vaccinated
they must walk the path

and its all, experimental
to me this smacks at what
humans with intelligence
should not have in their pot
to allowing such great
corporates to in fact lay down the law
is out of hand
who dares understand
that poor America’s at war

with its own people
it seems to me
and Big Pharma
wants its share
from the ignorant
from the poor perhaps
and from those
who do not care

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