Autism is nothing but a higher level of understanding

Lack of knowledge
lack of education
and ignorant
at that place just
no salvation

10 long hours of hell
for one autistic soul
finger printed, her DNA
was taken
such control

charged as drunk
but hadn’t even drunk a drop
She told them
she was autistic
not a shred of difference
to them she was
for the chop

may their god help them for
clearly their errors
created in her
a pot full of terrors

the police,
the courts,
the corporates
have apparently taken over
they pigeon holed this lass
the threats were there
if she paid them £60
all charges would be
its money they were after
corporate care

she was thrown into a cell
then hauled off
to the court
and charges were then
dropped of course
all this lacking thought

she hadn’t taken alcohol
they ought to have been
Imagine this girl’s temperament
the shock and
she is very sensitive
she would suffer
so much grief

at the hands
of these inveterate’s
who failed to understand
they’d lost the power to reason
their responsiveness was bland

they lacked a true involvement
they didn’t see it, true
they couldn’t feel her passion
that overwhelming brew

of sensitiveness
and susceptibility,
clearly she showed
they had that aloofness
and nothing really flowed

it was a clash
of minds in fact
and this poor lass became
their victim, she was innocent
but she had to take the blame

a victim of a corporate state
that cannot see the few
who don’t fit their perception
and cannot be pigeon holed
the way they do

a lot of sweet autistic people
are now here and they
must never be our victims
for they show us another way

2 comments on “Autism is nothing but a higher level of understanding

  1. Another horrific story which doesn’t surprise me. Unfortunately most people are totally ignorant when it comes to autism and the needs of ASD people. This happens so much that the National Autism Society produce a card for people to carry and show to the police if they are arrested …

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    its so frighteningly obvious yet few people see it, they have eyes but are blind to reality because they are unseeing of reality living in their vast matrix
    where control sits

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