Vaccination conflagration whose salvation?

So many children
have been given
vaccinations, they
held their arms out
and our needle helped
them pray

the texts within their being
this sacred living place
the pharmaceutical pharma’s
do push their ugly face
its supposed to be
life saving
to fight off
sin and woe
but sometimes things go
very wrong
and inside them
there does grow

a monster
it will alter them
they will be unlike
what they were
before the needle’s sanctity
offerred them the spur
by threatening us, yes all of us
do some of you concur?

a cacophony of chaos
where frantic vultures pick
and the yoke’s of some
lost chicken
mercurial and thick
formaldehyde lies hidden
the cocktail incomplete
the miraculous state of existence
with the power to now unseat
all manner of solutions
with really no idea
what will be the outcome
a smile, perchance a tear!

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