I want to tell
the world how very happy
I am these days, and really
its because
I’ve learned to live each day
as if it were to be my last
and one day, well of course you’ll know
it was

I love each hour
of every day
when she is in my thoughts
and she is in my thoughts
now every day
every second
every moment
every single breath I take
quietly to myself
I have to say

I love each thought I have
of you
I need to pinch myself
knowing that
I have the where for all
to have these thoughts
to share these wondrous moments
which truthfully and honestly supports

my soul upon its journey
heartfelt, every step
warm and gentle
eager now to prep
every single dream, I have
each contour of her soul
how light and shade with her’s been played
and she does bowl
me over with expression
her palette of great smiles
an avid glance
makes my heart dance
it frees up all my dials

each moment when the passion
and alas then falls
just like the owl that soars
into the clouds
and quietly calls
a haunting sound, that pierces
the night sky as we know
the gentle wind
will follow
as this mortals love
doth grow

a healing heart, a tabla, soul
searching in its wake
the dancing shadows on the grass
a soft and silent snake
sentiently scything sated with desire
Time if only I had the power to stop its
rampant fire

the Goddess Diane cannot, despite
colossal powers
I must, thus be patient
and love the darkly showers
caring sharing ne’er comparing
every time I see her
soaking up her aura
and her eyes

Oh God they be
as clear as any search light
that peers into the sea
warning would be travellers
of their likely destiny
if they should come too close
too soon,the rocks have jagged crags
and could spell the end
and likely send
the torn and fluttering

I truly realise
that everything about her
positive and wonderful
honestly, it tis
and I could not be happier
than being anywhere
a dark road through a violent swamp
and her perfumed garden share

a second sitting close to her
is paradise for me
the breath that I expound
I let it go freely
I want to tell the world at large
how happy I’ve become
how truly vibrant is my gait
now that I share some

of the nicest seconds
and share her warm sweet breath
thinking of her, dreaming of her
will delay my death
I know this for I’m happy
I’m so positive when she
is anywhere and even better
when she’s here with me

I feel so warm and tender
I feel so calm, for she
somehow has the aura to
placate my agony
my painfulness just disappears
my youth comes back to me
if you like, my inner child
expresses instantly
I feel so cleansed and ready
there’s nothing, I cannot do
I walk more like a greyhound
than the sloth I’d come to view

and I can see much clearer
and I can hear her soul
and I just want to live forever
with her in control
everything she mirrors
everything she does
her clothes, her form, her passion
she just makes me buzz
makes me see so far ahead
and taste aroma’s too
anywhere I go with her
is what I want to do

I cannot bear to think
that she would ever say goodbye
I cannot bear that thought
that thought alone
and I would cry
a storm of sweet elation
and just one smile is like a perfect flower
out on location
opening in its bounteous petals
welcoming the bee
the humming bird, the butterfly
and of course, now me.

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