Tears of joy

Tears may fall
like raindrops
I cannot stop them, they
are part of my existence
and are with me every day
a soft embrace so worthy
so passionate
I see
so much depth
in your pretty eyes
when you look at me

your tenderness
is exceptional
so much about you
I cannot ever contemplate
someone else’s prose
mine comes from my heart
as you so rightly know
like a trapped bird given freedom
not knowing where to go
curiously it falters
dare it remain where
it has been for an while
that cage of trapped despair

but really it can understand
the freedom of the sky
out into the blueness
flapping, its wings and why
chirping like a soulful child
with the happiness that brings
and meeting up with others
whose tenderness just flings
a new dimension into
the birds creative sphere
a match made in an instant
that melts away the fear
the immensity within us
is exceptional tonight
thinking back to yesterday
and the full moon’s wondrous light
we have a lot now going on
I feel it deep inside
like the bird trapped in its cage for years
I really dare not hide
I cannot
and I will not
I have to strike out for
Aradia above the clouds
where no one speaks of war
just peace and understanding
where dragons roam and be
and I may spend an hour sometimes
with the my goddess, darling C

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