Margins must include safeguarding animals against experimentation and torture

Ethical concerns appear
to crop up everyday
but the general public buy
into the torture anyway
almost every product
in use around the home
has been tested on animals
their deaths if in
a tome
would be the thickest volume
on any library shelf
the torture of the innocent
specifically for self
sometimes its down to safety
but other times its just
a line on a specification
and so the corporate must
we’re a specification nation
and our torturing does disgust
some of the bigger Corporates
are at it day and night
deepening streams of blood
from many creatures
which can’t be right
who must now fear so terribly
and its all because we choose
to manufacture
chemically synthetic science
creating these
anomalies and the
built in margin buffers
and someone has to pay for this
and ofccourse the animal suffers
for what is a sort of guarantee
on labels when we sell
Rabbits have been blinded
for them it must be hell!
the constant drips of concentrated
doses just to see
the pain and irritation
how can that now be
over and over again we do it
the same thing every day
to animals its constant
they sadly do pay
its torture its extreme behaviour
its evil, its unfair
unethical its crucial
that we stop all this despair
few of us may actuallyhear them scream
for they’re locked away in
down in dungeons burnt and torn
how they have to pay
scratched and bitten
its all wrong
and it should be the way
killing and torturing animals
where do we belong?
we must stand up for those dear souls
for doing this is wrong
ts unforgivable processing of souls
who have no say
and its up to everyone of us
to not just look away

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