Aradian Moon and beyond

A mug of mead
some banter
and it did lead
onto chewing
and all this
at such speed

warm, though outside
but inside this haven, we
talked and shared the music
classic Fm
wild and free

for we loved those sweet
and in her eyes, I saw
pools of wondrous beauty
as I’d never seen before

the light straight
off the Mendips
cast shadows on her face
her bone structure
so classic
her artistry
and grace

took me to new dimensions
I never thought were there
her eyelids all a shimmer
the palette
that’s her hair

and in that unbelievable light
amazing subtlety, beheld
gold and silver, red and yellow
in my heart
it welled

up, I saw her quality
the Goddess
she shone through
each little look
of wonderment
sincere she was
and true

outside the wind
was moaning
and the raindrops
beat upon
the window
and we sat and talked
and talked
and she just shone

that perfume
of the ancients
the seeds,
the flowers,
the leaves
hours of
careful blending
and all of that, achieves

one special little bottle
a liquor
to desire
olfactory osmosis
laced with the purest

it just entered
my nostrils
and onwards to
my brain
face flushed
I loved its journey
I’d forgotten any pain

Aradian moon
the grottos and gardens
deep down, I
shared the sweet aroma’s
born from the
earth and sky

the moon hung out
across the Tor
its golden face
so whole
it sort of smiled,
its halo
trying to console

and in that
heady vapour
she smiled at me,
and I
knew this
sweet encounter
would be with me
till I die

Aradian Moon
had conjured
great spirit
just to feel
that wondrous liquor
in my head
how could I conceal

the warmth
the love
the frantic
sweet delights
that swam inside
my being
that ecstasy of lights

and onwards, it, so lyrical
of mercurial desire
exhilerated evocative
and humbling
enthused inspired
such fire

summoning a rich
of overpowering joy
Aradian moon
its vast balloon
encompassed me
the boy

the sweetest pleasures
enthused me
I was lost
in all that heady
in its softest pillows
cradled in the comfort
in marshmallow clouds
so soft
in poignant realms
where I belong
with the owls aloft

the ever lasting fragrance
the aromatics are
in my very spirit
from my sweetest star
ever, my dear goddess
for that is what you are

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